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Welding Sequence Optimizer

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Welding Sequence Optimizer is a plugin for Simufact Welding™, it offers a digital toolset of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that will help you to minimize the inherent welding deformation.

A general definition of the best sequence is a proper order of placement and welding direction for each bead that minimizes an objective function. 



WSO setup is simple, just load your Simufact Welding project, and it takes less than 10 minutes. Runs without human interaction. There are different algorithms each of them suitable for a particular stage of the Product Delivery Process (PDP).

Objective functions:

  • Total deformation

  • Single Axis displacement (x | y | z)

  • Desired region (Particles)

  • Effective Stress

Measuring with CMM can be emulated by taking the deformation of the model using the integration of Kotem Smart Profile

WSO can optimize your process using a key characteristic instead of deformation.


For multirobot operations, WSO can integrate knowledge computed by RoboDK using a virtual manufacturing cell.

Objective function will consider:

  • Collision free - sequence

  • Cycle time

  • Best robot assignment

Successful Projects

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