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Checklist inspection manufacturers

Tens of inspector and people around the factory are usually filling controls sheets

This is a requirement for ISO certification

Normally, control sheets are stored in cabinets.

Companies need to keep control sheets for a period of time. If the product is related to security, can be up to 10 years.

However, sometimes those go directly to trash.

All the effort is wasted money.

Checklist data is lost - customer rejection

The critical part comes when customer rejection is reported.

The quality team starts looking for evidence that the product 
was checked or any information to do root cause analysis.

Several issues comes here:

1) Information is not available.
2) Control sheets demonstrate defective product.
3) Uncontrolled process.
4) Previous corrective actions are not effective.

Quality tracking sources & frequency 

checklist source of data stats




Process and product audit

Initial PPAP / CPK analysis

Final Inspection Checklist


Process control sheets

100% of the products are checked as ongoing process monitoring.

Data is not analyzed due to the cost of capture.

Electronic devices are not suitable for harsh environments like welding.

The challenge in environments like welding shopfloor

Damage types checklist

We have developed a software with AI algorithms to recognice and process the data on the control sheets, no mater if those are damaged by warping, filling errors, incomplete data, etc.  

Our Solution

checklist scanning system with AI

Inpector takes a picture

AI software

Web Analytics

Phone app

Automation module

example of checklist read by AI

Example of data recognition

Product checklist scanning system

Starter Package
Software & Hardware

Mobile App

Raw data customized export

Customized charts

Automation module


Raplacement Policy

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