Welding 4.0

Back on 2006 when we were studying the bachelor. Subjects such as computer-aided engineering (CAE) and Artificial Intelligence left us a futuristic image of how these tools would change the industry in the future. And that future is right now. Industry revolution 4.0 is changing  ​

Facing the industry problem

In 2008 we started working as a quality and manufacturing engineers for a well-known company. 

Our responsibilities laid on the product delivery process (PDP) , especially welded assemblies. Here we faced up the distortion problem for several years.


Generally, product engineers specify how much and where welding should be. However, manufacturing engineer is the one who must determine the process, sequence and sheet-metal operations.


Traditionally, the selection of the welding sequence is based on experience so it is a time-consuming task and not always give good quality products.

Research and development

With the firm conviction to continue growing professionally, in 2014 we enrolled on  graduate studies. We committed to develop a solution for welding industry when it comes to deformation.


It has been 4 years of research. Not only did we implement artificial intelligence algorithms to solve the problem but also we have stimulated a great collaboration between universities, industry and research centers. In addition, we have developed human resources and we participated in several international events.

Successful case study - MVP

In order to validate the research done we approach to the industry and basically we did two projects, our welding deformation assessment was perfect and we reduce the reworks on the production line.



Early 2017 we participated in a call from HUB - UANL, which is a place that provide ideal conditions for entrepreneurs. We got an intensive training where we validated and re-establish our business model. 

2018 is the official launch of MANUFAI, we are very happy to offer more than 10 years of experience in this field. We are committed to continue innovating robust solutions according to our customer needs.


It is a key year for the industry 4.0, industrial internet of things, robotics and environment sustainability.

We want to be part of these generational changes and keep writing this story.